Your Monthly Deep Clean Schedule

We love a clean house, in fact, the cleaner the better. But we recognize while some things need to be cleaned daily and weekly, other chores only need to be cleaned once or twice a year. The problem is, these are BIG chores, i.e., the ones you don’t want to do (who wants to wash windows?). That’s why we created a handy list that breaks up the biggest tasks by month. Once you get into a monthly cleaning schedule those huge tasks won’t seem so daunting.

January: Clean your refrigerator.

Now that the holidays are over, it’s time to clear out all the leftovers in your fridge and give it a good disinfecting. Use a mild soap to wash shelves and drawers and disinfect the inside with a vinegar solution or a bleach solution. Allow to dry before putting your food back in.

February: Call The Maids for a Spring Cleaning.

Get a jump on spring and hire The Maids to give your home a top-to-bottom deep clean. The Maids will clear out all the old dust and allergens left over from a long winter and give you a fresh start.

March: Wash all your bedding.

We know sheets should be washed more than once a year but the rest of your bedding (the mattress pad, comforter, pillows and blankets) require it less often. Check all the tags and wash in the hottest water recommended.

April: Clean your vents.

This time of year your HVAC unit gets a little break so use it to clean your vents. Remove each vent and vacuum the opening. Wash the actual vent covers in warm water with a mild soap. The bathtub works great for large return vents.

May: Clean all your trash cans.

The only thing standing between your bin and smelly, slimy garbage is a paper-thin bag, which, let’s face it, doesn’t always withstand all the abuse. Remove the bag (and any solid materials) and spray the inside with an all-purpose cleaner and let it sit for a couple minutes. If your bin is too deep for your arms to reach, use the kitchen sprayer or even the garden hose to spray off any hardened gunk.

June: Organize your storage areas.

Replace broken storage bins and sell or throw out items you’re ready to part with (if you haven’t used it in 10 years do you really need it?). Dust or wipe down shelving.

July: Wipe down all your vertical surfaces.

Horizontal surfaces, e.g. tables, TV stands, etc., usually get some dusting love but vertical surfaces, not so much. Wipe down all your light switch plates, doors, moldings and cabinets.

August: Move your appliances.

You’d be surprised how easy big appliances are to move. Pull them out to vacuum and scrub the floor under them. Don’t forget to wipe down the sides too.

September: Wash your windows.

Like, really wash them. Remove and/or vacuum the screens and sills. Wash both the inside and outside of the windows. If you live in a two-story home and your windows don’t slide-in for easy cleaning, either hire a pro or find someone who’s comfortable on a ladder.

October: Clean out your bathroom vanities and medicine cabinets.

It’s amazing how dust and hair and get inside a drawer! Go through your vanity and medicine cabinet and toss any expired medications and old makeup. Vacuum out drawers and grab some plastic bins to help you organize your toiletries.

November: Wash your curtains.

Dust loves to live on the very top of your fabric curtains. Check the fabric’s label and follow the laundering and ironing directions.

December: Clean your lights.

The days get short in December so your lights need to be as bright as possible. Dust and clean your light fixtures and lamp shades. Unscrew any glass or porcelain housings and wash them in mild, soapy water.

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