Tips on Kitchen cleaning!

The kitchen is the focal point of the home. The best way to bond with friends and family tends to have to do with food- gathering at a party in the kitchen, baking cookies with grandma, and teaching your kids how to cook for the first time! A lot of the best moments take place in the kitchen. Whether you are actually preparing for a party or just having date night at home, beginning with a clean kitchen is always important!

One of my favorite tips to having a clean kitchen has to do with while you are cooking. We all know it is the worst after you have been making a big nice dinner then when you are all done, you’re left with a huge mess. After you’ve made and eaten dinner, it’s time to relax in my book. The key is to continuously clean while you are cooking! My grandma taught me this at a young age, cleaning while you’re cooking is just another step to the cooking process.

  • Clean your stainless steel by going with the grain
  • Keep your counters de-cluttered
  • Wash your wood floors with vinegar
  • Have a designated basket for all of your miscellaneous items that pile on the counter

Deep cleaning the kitchen does not need to necessarily have to happen very often. Maybe once or twice a month is sufficient. By deep cleaning, I mean wiping down all of your cabinets and drawers (top to bottom), cleaning your baseboards (I know…. who has time for that?!), and cleaning the inside of the microwave. Every six months, I would recommend cleaning out the fridge and the oven, maybe even the inside of your cabinets and drawers if you’re feeling really in the cleaning spirit!

I know we are all busy all of the time, which can make cleaning hard to make time for. Especially for an area like the kitchen that gets messy again every…single…day. Overall, having a clean kitchen is such a nice feeling. Having a clean kitchen will also make you more motivated to cook at home instead of getting take out so you can put off cleaning the kitchen even longer. Time to relax and enjoy the next time you’re making your favorite meal or chatting with your friends in the kitchen. Keep up with our Blogs for future recipe ideas to make in your now clean kitchen!