Things to do this Spring in the greater Seattle area!

After a long rainy winter, there’s nothing better than starting the day with the sun shining and the birds chirping. It feels like the start to a new chapter. Western Washington is such a great area this time of year! Whether you live here or are just visiting, here are some things to do this Spring in the greater Seattle area.

Outdoor activities
Western Washington has some of the most beautiful scenery around. Not only is the scenery in Western Washington beautiful, connecting with nature is great for the mind, body and soul. One common activity in Western Washington is hiking- and for a good reason! Hiking is a perfect opportunity to disconnect from your everyday problems and worries, not to mention a good way to get active! A couple of my favorite trails are Heather Lake Trail, Wallace Falls State Park, and Meadowdale Beach Park trail. There are options for everyone here, from easy to more moderate difficulties. Another great option is visiting a beach- Alki beach is great although it does become quite crowded when the sun comes out. One of my favorite things to do during Spring and Summer is to visit downtown Edmonds to go to a local restaurant, relax on the beach or the pier, and maybe even take a ferry ride across to Kingston for the day. The possibilities are endless!

Food and drink
Seattle is known for its delicious restaurants. Once the sun comes out, it is the perfect opportunity to sit outside and even bring your dog along for the fun! Did you know Washington is the most pet-friendly state in the U.S? Where ever you are, I guarantee there is a highly recommended place to eat near you, simply turn to Google! A few of my favorites are Duke’s Seafood right next to Green Lake (another great thing to do outdoors is to walk around Green Lake), La Vita E Bella downtown on 2nd Ave (perfect for date night!), and Scuttlebutt Brewing- Restaurant and Pub in Everett. Besides restaurants, having a picnic during spring is always such an uplifting mood boost, bring something from home or get take out, grab a blanket and visit one of the beautiful parks in the area! Some great options are to visit the University of Washington campus and have a coffee under the beautiful blooming cherry blossom trees, sit at Gas Works Park and watch the boats go by, or go to Howarth Park in Everett and relax on the beach. Food and outdoors at the same time, what could be better?

Things to do at home
You don’t have to leave your home to enjoy spring time, it’s right outside your door! The obvious thing to do this time of year is to get in the garden. Planting flowers and watching them grow is one of the most satisfying things. Another great thing to plant is an herb garden! Whether you want to plant them in mason jars and stick them in the window sill or step it up a notch and DIY an herb planter box to have on the porch- it is so delicious when it comes to dinner time and you get to pick from your own herb garden! It is also always fun to get outside and play your favorite sports game with your family or friends in the backyard!

Now as long as the weather stays nice long enough to get the chance to do any of the above activities, we’re all set! We all look forward to summer but there is so much to enjoy about spring! Time to get out there before the rain sets back in and enjoy it while we can!