Holiday Clean-up!

Cleaning up after the holidays can be quiet the task, especially if you are the chosen one to host the gatherings! Even after the helpful ones in the family gather the shreds of wrapping paper the little ones sprinkled around and hand wash your delicate dishware, there is still much more to do! Cleaning up after the holidays seems as it should be a simple task, we do it year after year and should have a go-to game plan by now. Even so, it can be overwhelming! Here are some simple tips to get you going.

Make a Checklist!

No matter the task, the number one thing to being productive is to make a list and check things off as you go. We all know the famous song “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”, if Santa’s making a list and checking it twice- why shouldn’t you? Not only is making a list productive, checking things off your list is such a satisfying feeling knowing things are actually getting done. Once everything is checked off, you can kick back and relax, that is until it’s time to get in gear for your New Year’s Eve party!

Pack Things away Efficiently!

Think smarter, not harder! Decorating for the holidays should be fun, not a headache of tangled lights that only half work and shattered ornaments galore. One of the best tips that I heard years ago and never looked back from has to do with storing your string lights. Whether they are outdoor or indoor, 5 feet or 25 feet, nothing is worse than sitting there untangling for 30 plus minutes. Hang onto the next cardboard box you get from amazon or from that new pair of shoes you got for Christmas. Use a piece of this box and start at the top of your piece and wrap the string lights around and secure at the top and bottom with a piece of tape. Ta-da! Problem solved. Another problem you can run into is carefully storing your delicate ornaments. Wrapping them in newspaper has always been my go-to, which works but sometimes there is still a couple that don’t survive until the following year. The solution would be an ornament storage box. Although you can just do a quick search online, you may have the things you need around your home already! Just grab a regular storage bin, some leftover ‘solo’ cups, and again cardboard! Layer cardboard – solo cups (place your ornaments one by one inside of the solo cups) – card board – solo cups – and so on. One more quick tip! When storing your items into their bins, put everything in bins based off of the room they go in (ex. Living room, Dining room, etc.). This is helping your future self out for next year; just grab a bin and you know exactly where things go!


The holidays are always a time of need for many people. A lot of people are not able to and/or want to afford overpriced holiday décor from top-of-the-line retail stores. Shopping for holiday décor at a thrift store is always a great way to go. Things you didn’t end up using this year, get rid of it! That snowflake pillow you have been telling yourself “maybe it will match my theme next year”, get rid of it! While you’re putting things away, keep a box marked ‘donations’ and make it a goal to fill the box!

Cleaning up after the holidays will never be something that we look forward to but we might as well make the most of it! I hope this lights a fire this holiday season for you to get your ducks in a row and get ready for the New Year- 2021! We have a lot to look forward to!