Decrease the Amount of Dust in Your Home

We all know that you can’t totally eliminate dust from your home, but you can take some steps to keep it under control:

  1. Leave shoes in the entry way after entering your home. Many of us are a little uncomfortable with this, because we feel it may offend some guests.  It’s your choice, but it will help decrease the amount of soil and pollen brought in from the outside. And don’t forget your own shoes!
  2. Minimize the amount of time that your doors and windows open. It’s nice to have fresh air brought into the home, but fresh air also carries with it dust and pollen. Screens will capture some dust, but far from all.
  3. Change bedding once a week. Bedding is a great place for dust to settle, and it is also a perfect environment for dust mites. So change your pillow cases and bedding every week.
  4. Vacuum your carpeted floors at least once a week, and more often if you have the time. Carpets are also guilty of being great resting places for dust, and also a perfect environment for dust mites.  If you are deciding between carpet and a hard surface floor, the hard surface floor wins hands-down from a dust perspective.
  5. Vacuum your upholstered furniture at least once a week.
  6. Dust at least once a week. Don’t use a feather duster or a dry standard cloth. A feather duster just moves the dust around. Instead use a damp cloth or a microfiber cloth, which will capture the dust. And dust from top to bottom.
  7. Consider air purifiers. They aren’t perfect, but they will help control the air-born dust, and they can be beneficial to those with severe allergies.  Air purifiers have a limited range, so consider one for each room that you spend a lot of time in.