Pet owners: How to keep your home spotless

Pet Owners: How to Keep Your Home Spotless 

For many of us, our furry friends are our best friends. That’s not to say sometimes we don’t have beef with our little bffs. Pets are notoriously messy. Between shedding, dirty paws and house training accidents, it can feel like all we do is clean up after our pets. The good news is you don’t have to choose between the unconditional love of a pet and your love of spotless floors and clean furniture. Follow these tips to get the best of both worlds.

  1. Neutralize Odors. Let’s be honest. Pets carry their own eau de parfum and it isn’t the most welcoming smell when you walk in the door. Use products that help eliminate odors. A good tool of the trade is baking soda. Add a little essential oil to baking soda, geranium is a natural pet neutralizer, and sprinkle it over your carpet and furniture. Let it do its thing for at least a half hour, then vacuum. An enzyme-based cleaner is also a good investment. Many carpet machine manufacturers have pet odor products specifically suited for this purpose. A well air circulated home also does wonders to combat odors. Open a door or window whenever possible.
  2. Arm Yourself. Having the proper tools at the ready makes a big difference when cleaning up after pets. Always, always, always have a lint roller on hand. Not only does it make quick work of pet hair on your clothes but use it on couches, pillows and chairs to tidy up before company comes. Mini vacuums are a plus to get into the nooks and crannies and using them on stairs seriously saves your back. A good vacuum with proper suction is essential. Empty the bin often, check for clogs in the hoses and remove hair from brush rollers.
  3. Wash Soft Items Often.Dog beds, blankets and toys carry some serious funk. Don’t forget to clean these as well. Periodically throw them in the washing machine on the heavy-duty cycle (always follow the manufacturer’s laundering directions).
  4. Be Proactive.Every door should have a washable rug in front of it to eliminate dirt from being tracked in. Keep old towels handy when the weather turns wet or snowy to wipe down your pup’s paws before he gets a chance to get all the way into the house. If your pet isn’t the neatest of eaters, invest in a bowl stand to help eliminate slops and spills.
  5. Stay Vigilant To Control Pet Hair.Pet hair will never truly go away until your pet does, but you can eliminate its build up. Run the vacuum daily over the areas your pet loves to lay. Some owners swear by using squeegees over the carpet to gather up hair. Once vacuumed, spray an anti-static spray on throw pillows and upholstery to prevent new hair from sticking. A microfiber dust mop works great on hardwood and tile floors. Combat hair at the source by brushing your pet often (and outside) to reduce the amount of shedding. And, if you just can’t keep Fido or Felix off the furniture, invest in slipcovers.

The biggest thing to remember is your pet means more to you than a ball of hair or muddy prints. Pets enrich and even lengthen our lives; don’t stress over every mess. Instead, call The Maids. We will leave your home so clean and fresh you’ll think your pet packed his bags and went on vacation. Contact us today for a free estimate.