Our Field Managers

We are very proud of our Field Managers-Konni and Tracy!  Both started as Team Members, worked their way up to be Team Leaders, and eventually were promoted to the Field Manager position. Konni has been with The Maids for 15 years, most of that as a Field Manager. Tracy has only been with The Maids for a little over a year, but she rapidly moved through the ranks and has recently been promoted to Field Manager for her outstanding performance.

And just what do Konni and Tracy do?  Short answer: a lot.  In the mornings as the teams arrive and prepare for their day, Konni and Tracy meet with the Team Leaders and discuss their cleaning schedule and their customers.  They also huddle with the Team Leaders as a group every morning in a classroom setting where they provide technical training and leadership training.

Later, when the teams are out in client’s homes, they visit teams and provide on-site training and tips, as well as performing quality inspections. Often, they will meet with clients to discuss their homes and their cleaning needs.  And throughout the day-  stuff happens- and the Field Managers take care of it.  They may need to run a vacuum out to a team when theirs needs a repair. Or they may need to counsel a team when they run into a particularly challenging clean.

Back at the office in the later afternoon, they complete their paperwork and prepare for the next day.  They identify newer employees that may need additional training based on feedback from the Team Leaders. And they review the performance of their Team Leaders and decide the topics to discuss in their morning huddles.

There’s a lot more that they do, but we thought we would give you a summary of their primary responsibilities.

So hats off to Konni and Tracy for performing such a vital role for The Maids!