Goodbye, Germs! 4 Tips for Disinfecting after Illness

‘Tis the season for the sniffles.  With cooler weather comes a variety of illnesses that may make their way into your home. Whether a common cold or the nasty flu, you may find yourself wondering if you’re doing all you can do to stop germs from spreading through your family or lingering in your living space. As you disinfect after an illness, remember these tips to ensure you have kicked those germs– for good!  

Toss the Toothbrush 

As careful as we try to be with sanitizing after illness, many people overlook one thing that has a lot of contact with our illness – the toothbrush! Opt for a fresh brush when recovering from a bug and consider preparing with a stash of spare brushes on hand for the whole family.  

Thorough Cleansing 

Make a pass over the whole house to disinfect after illness- but don’t forget the little things that your family touches all day long.  Light switches, refrigerator handles, and remote control buttons are all easy to overlook in spite of being commonly used.  

Throw it in the Wash 

While bedding is a no-brainer to wash when recovering from sickness, don’t forget to clean the throw blankets and pillow covers in your living spaces, too. Sick kids often lounge in common areas, so make sure to freshen up the blanket they snuggled with as you nursed them back to health on the couch. Use the hottest water that the item’s laundry instructions allow. If you need to use cold water, consider adding 5-10 drops of tea tree oil to naturally disinfect your laundry. 

Clear the Air 

Don’t forget about airborne germs! Pop a window open for a few minutes, even if it’s cold. A snap of fresh air will rejuvenate you and your living space. Use a diffuser to fill your home with purifying essential oil blends like tea tree or lavender. 

Staying diligent in cleaning these often-overlooked parts of your home will give you an advantage against germs this sick season. It can seem overwhelming, but that’s where we come in!  Give The Maids a call today for a quote.